And so you decided to buy a kitten? And you want him to please you and be your friend? Let’s discuss the answers to basic questions that will help you in the purchase process.

The baby should have a clean, shiny coat without bald spots, clean and clear eyes (without inflammations and secretions), clean mouth (odorless and reddening), clean ears, clean nose (without cracks and crusts), clean under the tail, even breathing, soft belly.

Watch the kitten. He must be playful, active, sociable, without manifestations of fear. If he is scared or aggressive, do not rush to buy it. Since the nature of the animal is formed in the first 3 months and it will be difficult for you to remake it.

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Remember that it is better to buy a kitten in 3-4 months, but not earlier than 2 months. The baby should be given all the necessary vaccinations — it will save you from sudden illness and death of the pet. Therefore, check his veterinary passport — if there are made the appropriate marks. When buying a little cat, find out what kind of food and filler the breeder used. As it is necessary to transfer the pet to a new food gradually, and the kitten may refuse to go to another toilet.

Do not forget that the purchase of a kitten requires daily care for him for many years. And so you should not rush to choose or buy the first kitten you like, but rather do everything deliberately, weighing all the pros and cons.