About Devon Rex Cats

It is important for you to understand that breeding Devon Rex is an expensive hobby and not a business for profit. The cost of producing a well-bred Devon Rex kitten or cat is high because the responsible breeder makes the necessary time and financial commitments to produce quality cats and kittens with good health and temperament that are suitable for the show ring and will, if bred, sustain the overall high quality of the breed. Should they produce a kitten that, by 16 weeks of age, is not of show quality, have a cat aging out of their breeding program, or determine that a cat or kitten is more suited to a pet home, the responsible breeder will find a buyer, perhaps you, that is the best possible match. You are now a more informed buyer as you look for a Devon Rex kittens. If you interview a breeder who does not reflect the philosophy or practices of breeding we have listed for you, this should concern you and raise a «buyer beware» flag. We suggest you take the time to interview other breeders and ask more questions. Take the time to properly interview and get to know a breeder, as this will be to your advantage when looking for a Devon Rex to join your family.